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Posted on March 11, 2013 by david simmons

DESIGN CENTER HD Present: Advice for the Client.



We can also provide specific advice IT. For this you must send information to our design team and in this way they will respond with recommendations in the following areas:

-  Type of Floors.
-  Color of Walls.
-  Lighting.
-  Furniture.
-  Accessories.

 We need pictures of the entire area of the room you think decorating.    Likewise we need the length of the longer walls of that room.  Send us an email to with the following information:

​​-  Measurements of the walls.
-  Colors you like for your home.
-  Colors you would not like at home.
-  Photos from various angles of the room to decorate.

Step 1:

We nees photo about de 4 cornerSetup photo size in your digital camera. The ideal
size is 640x480 pixels. If your camera is setup
by quality, then select “Medium Quality”.
Remember to take the main photo in vertical

Step 2:

We  recommend you take several pictures with
different ISO “Sensitivity to light”, as many as
your camera allows you. Also take as many
apertures as your camera allows, until you obtain
the best balance of light and shadow in the picture.​



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